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Dinning With a View

There are so many great restuarants with spectacular views in Ventura it makes it difficult to choose where to dine tonight! Here is a list of some of our favorites.



We LOVE RIBS!. Big Ones, Little Ones, The Tender Fall Off The Bones Kind. Here is a List of A Few Of The Best Places For Ribs We Have Tried & Enjoyed So Very  Very Much!


Welcome to VenturaEats.com

Johnny's Mexican Food

If Your Only in Ventura for One Day & Want To Taste What The Locals Have Been Enjoying Since 1947 There is Only One Place To Go "Johnny's Mexican Food" Simply the Best Mexican Food In Ventura. My Favorite is Their Chili Colorado. It has that Wonderful Authentic Mexican Flavor that so Many Other Restaurants Just Seem to Miss. This is a Casual Order At One Window & Pick Up At The Other Kind of Place. The Prices are Reasonable & You Don't Have To Dress Up. Great Place to Take the Whole Family or Order Chili Colorado by the Pint & Take it To Go. Nice to Make Your Own Burritos or Put a Little In Your Morning Eggs. its Soooo Gooood....





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